Vitalcare on air with a new TV campaign

Vitalcare launches a new TV campaign. From 29 March to 11 April 2020, Vitalcare will be on air on all RAI channels with a brand new commercial: a story through which Vitalcare describes its values, mission and, most importantly, the effectiveness and quality of its products designed for all-round haircare and beauty.

Red is the dominant colour of the ad, a common thread that follows and accentuates the Vitalcare values and philosophy of innovation, quality and Made in Italy. Research, innovative formulas and quality raw materials are the key concepts of the story set in a futuristic production plant that ends in each person’s home with professional yet affordable haircare and beauty products for everyone.

The Vitalcare TV campaign coincides with the launch of the e-commerce site where you can learn about, discover and purchase all the hair product lines. The Vitalcare brand is accompanied by a new style and a new look in all its digital activities.