Our values


Safety, colour, beauty.

Nothing says more about a person than their hair. Whether it’s worn loose on the shoulders during a dinner party, tied back with an elastic while jogging, dishevelled in the early morning or styled for a party: every woman’s hair changes and follows her rhythms, desires and ambitions, changing the shape of her face and with the power to change even her mood.


Research that shapes your hair.

The Vitalcare research team brings passion, experience and professionalism to the laboratory, studying ever-new raw materials and active ingredients that offer safety, quality and solutions for every need. A team of dreamers and creative talents who give life to innovative formulas for an idea of beauty that starts from the head.

Modern and effective formulas.

The Vitalcare formulas enjoyed by millions of consumers have been revamped and modernised with latest-generation preservatives and a skilfully calibrated blend of:

Emulsifiers / Oils / proteins
Made in italy

Quality and professionalism in our heads.

Curious, explorers, experts: Vitalcare researchers work with the best haircare professionals to develop quality, effective products that meet the beauty, style and creativity needs of every consumer, with the same professionalism as in the salon and the assurance of an entirely Italian-made product.


Green commitment.

The innovative Vitalcare bottles, jars and caps are made from recycled and 100% recyclable plastics, produced exclusively with energy from renewable sources.

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