Regenerate your hair with the Vitalcare keratin line

Keratin is a protein and the main constituent (89%) of hair and nails: the integrity of the keratin is essential for the hair’s beauty and vitality. This is why the hair needs to be protected against external factors that could damage its structure, such as the prolonged use of chemicals, including those in hair dyes or in overly aggressive shampoos.
Exposure to air pollutants or physical treatments such as perming, straightening, and overly hot hairdryers, can also deteriorate the keratin structure of the hair, similarly to stress and many other pathologies.

The keratinisation process is also regulated by hormones, genetic factors and the availability of various micronutrients. A poor diet, therefore, can cause abnormalities in the process and the hair structure to suffer. A well-balanced diet, on the other hand, with the right amount of proteins, vitamins and minerals, enormously promotes hair health, as does constant physical activity, since sweat eliminates toxins otherwise hindering the proliferative activity of the bulb.

Vitalcare's Keratin Oil shampoo gently cleanses the hair, especially when particularly brittle and stressed: its formula with Keratin aided by Arginine and Wheat Protein strengthens and restores the hair structure from root to tip, leaving the hair stronger and healthier, creating volume and stimulating growth.

If used consistently together with the Vitalcare Keratin Oil strengthening treatment, Keratin Oil delivers keratin to damaged and dull hair, making it instantly softer, smoother and shinier with renewed strength, resilience and body.