Swiss cosmetic science meets Vitalcare experience

A unique combination summed up by Vitalcare Made in Swiss, the line of treatments specifically for weakened hair that helps combat hair loss, giving vitality and renewed strength. Swiss haircare expertise and Vitalcare professionalism, with more than 20 years’ experience in hair beauty and care, come together for a unique line of products designed by haircare professionals. Passion and scientific research come together to develop cutting-edge, customised formulas for all hair types and needs. Quality, performance and wellness are the cornerstones of the new Vitalcare Made in Swiss line: unique products combining Swiss scientific rigour and Italian creativity.

A comprehensive range designed to satisfy all needs, the Made in Swiss line includes Men's Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo and Women's Anti-Hair Loss ShampooMen's Anti-Hair Loss Ampoules and Women's Anti-Hair Loss Ampoules, Caffeine Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo and Caffeine Anti-Hair Loss AmpoulesSebum-Regulating ShampooAnti-Dandruff Shampoo, and Active Shampoo & Shower Gel. A product line focused on the scalp for problems such as dandruff and oily scalp, disorders increasingly affecting both men and women, with specific formulas to treat different hair conditions. Thanks to the combined action of Follicusan® and functional active ingredients, Vitalcare Made in Swiss treatments promote hair regrowth, revitalising and stimulating the hair follicle in both men and women.

The Vitalcare Caffeine line is designed to help strengthen the hair and combat hair loss thanks to the strengthening and invigorating properties of caffeine: this active ingredient has been proven to help prevent hair loss. Its exclusive formula is enriched with Panthenol and Taurine that help strengthen and vitalise the hair, leaving the scalp feeling pleasantly fresh.