Anti crespo

Nourishes, softens, detangles

For frizzy and unruly hair

The Anti-frizz line helps smooth the hair fibre of frizzy, unruly hair. Its formula, thanks to the inclusion of Jojoba Oil, Abyssinian Oil and Bamboo Extract, nourishes the hair fibre from the inside, offering a long-lasting frizz-free effect and making the hair softer, perfectly smooth and shiny.

Choose the Vitalcare Anti-Frizz line with shampoo formulated with jojoba oil, Abyssinian oil and bamboo extract. Complete your beauty routine with the Anti-Frizz Serum that harnesses the detangling, restructuring, softening, nourishing and film-forming properties of jojoba oil, vitamin E, bamboo extract, wheat germ oil and Silk Hydrolysate.