Marula oil: superfood for the hair

With Vitalcare, Marula oil becomes superfood for the hair, an ingredient rich in beneficial properties, highly nourishing and rich in antioxidants, essential for any haircare routine. Marula oil is a precious substance obtained from the fruit of the Marula tree, the Sclerocayea birrea, native to southern Africa and sometimes referred to as the African olive tree. The oil is obtained by cold-pressing the fruit and has such exceptional qualities as to be used in cosmetics by African women.

It has a high concentration of essential fatty acidsvitamin C (up to 8 times higher than oranges), and antioxidants that help prevent the formation of free radicals. Marula oil is extremely rich in vitamin E, which, like vitamin C, can prevent cancer and skin ageing.

Vitalcare laboratories have designed a complete line of haircare products based on the exceptional properties of Marula oil, starting with the super-nourishing Marula Oil RegeneratingShampoo and Conditioner, designed for particularly dry and damaged hair. Their antioxidant formula with Marula oilVitamin E, C and the addition of Panthenol makes for healthy hair, effectively protecting it against ageing.

The Vitalcare Marula Oil Hair Mask is a genuine Regenerating treatment for damaged hair, while the Vitalcare Marula Oil Liquid Crystals brighten and renew the hair fibre, strengthening and rehydrating it, leaving the hair shiny and feeling silky soft.